Firenze First Impressions

Let's list the things I knew about Firenze, Italy before moving here:

  • Pasta
  • They speak Italian (maybe?)

Aaaaand that's about it.  

I definitely signed up to come here on a whim, but come on, it's Italy. What could go wrong?  Thank God I was right.  I decided to come a little before my program started to get a feel for the town (and learn literally anything about it). After 24 hours of travel (shoutout to Delta for making me take SIX flights to get here) it has now been one full week and I have 1) learned how to make pizza and 2) drunk a stupid amount of wine.  I am pretty much Italian at this point, right?  Never mind the fact that I speak Spanish 100% of the time when I try to speak Italian and I haven't visited a single museum..... 

I can't wait for the next five months.